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Why Are There More Car Accidents In The Summer?

Why Are There More Car Accidents In The Summer?

Summer weather is finally here. After a long winter, nicer weather seems to be here to stay. For many people this means more days spent outside, family vacations, beach days, barbeques, and any number of other activities that are better in the summertime. With all of the good times summer brings, there are some unexpected dangers. Car accidents are more likely to occur in the summer. Most people would not think this because there is relatively no inclement weather to deal with, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that more accidents occur in the summertime across the nation. You are more at risk for being involved in an accident in the summer.

While you might think that the inclement weather conditions in the winter, like snow and ice, would create the greatest risk for an accident, this is simply not true. Many people are more cautious and alert when driving in inclement weather which can actually reduce the number of car accidents that happen. The following are reasons that contribute to the increased number of summer accidents:

  • Teen Drivers: During the summer, there is usually no school. As a result, teen drivers who are usually not out and about driving are on the road. Teens are less experienced and more susceptible to mistakes that can be costly. In fact, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that the 100 days following Memorial day are some of the most dangerous for fatal car accidents.
  • Construction: Summer road construction also contributes to the increased number of accidents. Construction crews cannot work in inclement weather, so summer is the perfect time to get large jobs done. This results in detours not usually taken, increased congestion on the road, and distractions to the driver that can cause more accidents.
  • Impaired Driving: While going to a barbeque with family and friends is a fun part of summer, drinking alcohol or other impairing substances before driving home is not fun. Impaired individuals driving during the summer increases and therefore the likelihood of a car accident occurring.
  • Congestion: Construction is not the only cause of increased road congestion. More people are on the roads traveling during the summer, creating congestion and traffic that could result in a traffic accident.

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