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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Improves Your Chance at Getting a Fair Settlement

Many Americans enjoy the freedom of riding their motorcycles on our nation’s beautiful highways and byways. But motorcyclists lack the protections that a car can offer, and for that reason, it doesn’t take much to cause injury to a rider if an accident occurs. Greg Baker, Attorneys at Law, have years of experience representing those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. They have had success in getting their clients paid for their damages, whether for lost wages, medical bills or other damages. It’s important to retain legal representation as soon as possible after being in a motorcycle accident, as they can begin representing you while you take the necessary time to heal and recover from your injuries. They also have the experience needed to get the best possible result for injured victims.

Pursuing Compensation

Never settle a case without knowing the long-term prognosis of your injuries and also without speaking with a lawyer. Settling too early may prevent you from reopening your claim if you have additional damages, and your future medical bills will be paid by you and not reimbursed by the wrongful party in the case. A full claim settlement can include compensation for damages including medical bills (past and future), motorcycle damage or repairs, lost income or future earning capacity if unable to work again, pain and suffering and even any applicable punitive damages.

Factors in Proving Liability

A motorcycle accident lawyer will investigate an accident in order to determine liability with an accident. They will rely on evidence to prove what caused the accident including witness testimony, expert testimony, photographs, video surveillance as well as police reports. Virginia uses contributory negligence law as the type of law that will apply in liability accidents. This means that if the injured victim contributed to the accident in some way, they can still recover compensation from the other driver, but may recover less based on a formula of how much the individual “contributed” to his losses. Most often, an insurance company will deny any compensation and will want to close out their case as quickly as possible, but an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can fight this and get compensation for their injured victim clients.

How an Attorney Helps Their Clients

A personal injury attorney can help obtain eyewitness statements, investigate every aspect of the accident to determine fault, speak on your behalf, handle all questions with insurance companies, negotiate with claims adjusters, consult experts, calculate losses and respond to all information required by the court. You will need to hire an experienced attorney who understands the process ahead and how to navigate it successfully to the most advantageous conclusion for you.

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