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Most Common Crimes in Virginia

Most Common Crimes in Virginia

Virginia has the 37th lowest crime rate in the nation, despite having a large population. If you look at the FBI’s map of crime statistics in Virginia, you will see that many crimes are concentrated in a few cities, such as Portsmouth and Roanoke. Small towns in general have a reputation for having a low crime rate, but anyone can be accused of a crime, and everyone who gets accused of a crime has legal rights, such as the right to due process, including a fair trial, and the right to be represented by a lawyer. The most common criminal charges are not the ones that can lead to life sentences, but you should still take them seriously. If you are facing criminal charges, contact a Clintwood criminal defense lawyer.

Drunk Driving (DUI)

Virginia law defines driving under the influence (DUI) as operating a motor vehicle when alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs are impairing your driving ability. The legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08, so if a breathalyzer or blood test shows that your BAC was at least this high, you can get a DUI conviction. You can also get a DUI conviction if your BAC is lower or you were under the influence of another substance, such as cannabis, but the substance caused you to make a dangerous and preventable driving mistake, such as speeding or running a stop sign.

Drug Possession

After school specials would have you believe that you go to jail for carrying two pills or a small bag of weed in your pocket, but the truth is more complicated. Possession of small quantities of controlled substances (including prescription drugs that were not prescribed to you) is a misdemeanor, and penalties can include fines, probation, or jail. If you do not have a prior criminal record, your drug possession case can go through drug court instead of the criminal court; if you successfully complete the drug court program, the charges will not stay on your record. Although cannabis laws change quickly, possession of small amounts of cannabis in Virginia is currently decriminalized.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes include identity theft, check forgery, and wire fraud, among others. They are sometimes called white collar crimes, although this term is misleading, because anyone can be accused of them, not just high-level business executives. Although financial crimes are nonviolent, you can still get serious criminal penalties, including prison, for them. In addition to criminal penalties such as prison, probation, or fines, the court might order you to pay restitution, which is where you pay the victims back in the amount of the financial losses you caused them to incur.

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