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Five Of The Largest Personal Injury Verdicts In 2018

Five Of The Largest Personal Injury Verdicts In 2018

When businesses or individuals engage in negligent or reckless behavior, juries sometimes award multi-million dollar verdicts. Our team of Virginia personal injury attorneys are trial-ready and know how to effectively argue in court for our clients’ best interests. The following are examples of some of the largest settlements and judgments in personal injury lawsuits that took place in 2018. A settlement happens when the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff who suffered an injury a certain amount in exchange for the plaintiff dropping the lawsuit. A judgment happens when a Virginia jury or judge makes a decision after the trial.

General Motors Paid $115 Million to Settle a Claim

In 2018, the General Motors Company paid $120 million to settle a personal injury claim. The plaintiff alleged that the company installed faulty ignition switches that cut power in some cars. The faulty ignition switches allegedly caused various safety features, including airbags, to fail. General Motors had already paid $2.5 billion in settlements and penalties resulting from failed switches before settling this lawsuit. 275 individuals have suffered injuries and 123 have been killed as a result of the faulty switches.

Monsanto Company Paid $289 Million in a Personal Injury Judgment

California jury recently awarded a groundskeeper a $289 million verdict. The plaintiff claimed that the Roundup and Ranger pro-weed killers he used caused his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The plaintiff argued that Monsanto knew that the glyphosate found in those products was dangerous and still failed to warn customers about the product.

A Michigan Jury Awards $130 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Michigan jury recently awarded a plaintiff $130 million in a personal injury trial. A negligently inserted IV caused a 2-month-old child to develop severe brain damage. The parents of the child brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against William Beaumont Hospital where the infant received negligent medical care. The technicians continued to sick the needle in the infant’s arm yet failed to call a “code blue” when the infant began to show signs of respiratory distress. The Michigan jury awarded the family $2 million dollars to cover their past medical expenses.

Michigan State University Paid a $500 Million Settlement in a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Michigan State University settled a claim involving 332 alleged sexual abuse victims. A former team doctor and former faculty member, Larry Nasser, allegedly abused the Victims. Nasser received a sentence of 40 to 125 years in prison in a highly publicized criminal trial.

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