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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Your Legal Situation

A family law attorney from Greg Baker, Attorneys at Law, PLLC can help you with many family law situations, including child support. If you’re getting a divorce in Kentucky or Virginia, you will need to understand how the calculation of child support payments work and knowing this information will help you to get the best support arrangement possible considering your situation. Many factors go into determining how much you will need to pay in the circumstance of support. To figure this out correctly, a family law attorney can help you greatly. It is not the time to go it alone or ask strangers for advice at your job. We have countless years of family law experience and can help you and the other party to come to a fair settlement for child support that will fit your particular family situation.

Child Support Guidelines in Virginia

Child support is a court-order payment that helps with the costs of raising a child. In Virginia, these payments of support will last until the child turns 19 but can continue if the child is still in high school or has specific conditions that require additional support. If you’re seeking child support, you will need to fill out an application for child support and submit it to your local branch of Virginia’s Division of Child Support Enforcement. They help locate the parent, establish paternity (for those outside of marriage), establish support obligations, collect and distribute support, and enforce payments too.

Ultimately, child support is based on the specific needs of the child, whatever those needs will be. The court will determine this by looking at incomes from both parents, daycare expenses (if applicable), the cost of medical insurance, any social security benefits the child receives, their living arrangements, their schooling, any disabilities, and other factors. The support amount is automatically reviewed in Virginia every three years. Also, one party can ask to modify the child support order if any circumstances have changed such as the loss of a job, a new job with increased income or other life changes that may affect the payment.

Other Family Law Matters We Can Help With

As a family law attorney, we can help our clients with spousal support, child support, child custody matters, and divorce disputes as well. We have years of experience working on divorces with individuals and work diligently to get them the results they’re looking for in terms of fairness to you in relation to helping you to honor your support responsibilities. We speak on their behalf and protect their legal rights and the rights of their children (if applicable) throughout the entire legal process.

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