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Do You Need A Parenting Plan As Part Of A Virginia Divorce?

Do You Need A Parenting Plan As Part Of A Virginia Divorce?

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How do I Make a Parenting Plan?

The stress and pressure of going through a divorce can make it more difficult to create a parenting plan. In many cases, a mediator helps two divorcing or separating spouses to negotiate a parenting plan. At Greg Baker Attorneys at Law, PLLC, we can help our clients negotiate a settlement with their ex-spouses. In other cases, an impartial mediator appointed by the court helps to divorce spouses create a parenting plan. In any case, hiring an experienced Virginia divorce attorney to review the final plan is advantageous.

Once both parties agree to a parenting plan, a family court judge can decide to enter the parenting plan with the court. A judge can order the parents to follow the parenting plan. In some cases, divorcing parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, even with the assistance of an impartial mediator. In these instances, both parties can submit their proposed parenting plans and the court can make decisions on which parts of the parenting plan to grant. Family court judges in Virginia and Kentucky make decisions in the best interests of the children, not the parents.

What Should I Include in My Parenting Plan?

It is wise to include as many provisions in a parenting plan as possible. Even when a divorce is amicable, issues can arise that cause conflict, especially when they are not addressed in the parenting plan. A parenting plan should include the following provisions:

  • The financial obligations of each parent including which parent will pay for child care, health insurance, tuition, medical care, and school expenses.
  • Decisions regarding religious observances, vaccinations, educational decisions, and other personal issues regarding the child or children
  • Some parenting plans include provisions regarding how the parties communicate with each other
  • Parenting plans should outline who will have physical custody of the children. Will the parents spend equal time with the children or will one parent spend the majority of time with the children
  • The parenting agreement should specify how the parties will modify the agreement or provide for contingencies

Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

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