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What Can a Deeds Lawyer Do for You?

Greg Baker, Attorneys at Law, PLLC has years of experience handling all types of real estate transactions. These attorneys are licensed to close both residential and commercial property transactions. They understand real estate laws and can uphold it in all situations pertaining to a deal or property-based contract. They are qualified real estate attorneys that can effectively execute anything a client needs in term of real estate. Their years of experience make them equipped to provide many benefits of a real estate process. They offer comprehensive services including deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sales, foreclosure defense, settlements and more.

What is a Real Estate Deed?

They are written documents transferring the legal ownership of the property from one person to another. The deed gives specific information including the parties of the transaction, a full description of the property and important dates or locations pertaining to the transaction. The deed must be accepted and delivered to each party to be valid.

There are many types of real estate deeds. The first is a warranty deed, which guarantees a clear title. A quit claim deed doesn’t make guarantees that the property is not otherwise encumbered or allowed to be used or accessible to other people, including the general public. This usually occurs between two parties that trust each other such as family members. This is commonly used for property that is transferred to an heir when the property owner dies.

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