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Child Support Attorney

How a Child Support Attorney Can Help

Children need support, which includes monetary support as well as care and love to help them grow and thrive in their lives. State laws impose on both parents an obligation to contribute to support their children financially, whether married or not. A child support attorney can help those going through a divorce or those who aren’t married, to come up with a reasonable agreement in terms of child support. At Greg Baker, Attorneys at Law, PLLC we know the law and can uphold it in all legal proceedings for our clients while protecting their legal rights at the same time.

Determining Each Parent’s Income

The income of each parent is evaluated when managing a support decree. All sources of income will be included as well as commissions, bonuses, dividends, pensions, severance pay, retirement/disability pay, workers’ compensation, unemployment or military retirement benefits. It is important to remember that public assistance or supplemental security income payments aren’t included in a person’s income when it comes to calculating child support. Support received for a child from another situation also isn’t included either in the formal support decree.

Child Support Guidelines

The guidelines used to determine child support considers the number of children eligible for this type of assistance. The state uses a chart that factors in income ranges and the number of children to get a flat rate for the payments that will be due from the parties. For instance, someone with a gross monthly income of $2,000 with four children would pay about $709 a month. If a parent needs childcare in order to work, the cost can be added (entirely or partially) into the monthly support amount too. A child support attorney can fight for this if you require this need in order to change your circumstance to take care of your child.

Challenging the Child Support Amount

You can ask the court to change the amount if there are additional costs associated with visitation not considered, such as the case when the income was miscalculated or there are debts in between the two parties that should be factored in. A child support attorney can negotiate this amount with the other party on your behalf to get you the amount of support that can reasonably be managed by you under the circumstances.

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